We had Non Slip Floors NY come in and do some testing on our floors. They were a little slippery so they were able to fix the issue without changing the color or aesthetics of the floor. Once completed they gave us a full report explaining in detail what was done, and we were able to give that to our insurance company. We will definitely use them again to keep our locker room and pool areas safe for our customers. 

-Jorge Martinez

 Director, Aire Ancient Baths NY, NY 

Here's what some of our customers have to say...

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 We have Non Slip Floors NY come in every year and treat our kitchen and front entrance area. As my husband and I get older we need to have piece of mind knowing our floors are safe to walk on even if they get wet.


Brookside, NJ

 We've used Non Slip Floors NY at two of our hotels to treat our bathtubs. We were very pleased with how the treatment worked on our tubs while making them much safer for our guest.

​-James Donohue 

Director of Engineering, Grand Life Hotels

 I honestly didn't even know a product like this exist. Now that I do I will never buy another bathmat for   our tubs again. Thanks so much.


Long Island, NY

 Hey guys we LOVE what you've done with our floors. They look exactly the same but feel so much better. Can't thank you enough. 

-Christie Neilson

General Manager, Blacktap NYC

 I called  Non Slip Floors NY to come and treat my elderly mother's bathroom floor and bathtub. She lives alone so it was a huge relief knowing her floors will no longer be slippery and we could worry less about her showering and moving around the bathroom. 


Brooklyn, NY